Ciudad Obregón
27° 29' north - 109° 56' west - 328 ft above sea level


    Ciudad Obregón, also called Cajeme, is located at the central southern part of the state of Sonora, 250 miles south of Hermosillo, in the fertile Rio Yaqui Valley. What was first a water supply stop in the middle of the desert for the new-build railroad back at the earlier days of the last century, soon attracted new settlers that came to work the rich lands alongside the river. The Yaqui ethnic, owners of this land for centuries, still owns part of it and their rich culture and traditions are still alive.

    While at Ciudad Obregón we suggest a visit to the Yaqui Museum, the Public Library, the murals painted by maestro Arteche at the  Municipal Palace and Nainari's Lagoon located at the western edge of the city. Take and enjoy some wonderful scenic drives to: Oviachic dam, Huivulai Island and the beautiful beaches located alongside the coast of the Sea of Cortez.

    Every year in November the Oviachic dam gathers national and international visitors that come to the International Tournament of Bass Fishing.

    During the first months of the year whales coming from cold  waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes.The coast line of Cajeme offers this unique opportunity to whale watchers and photographers.

    Not far from Ciudad Obregón you will find the small town of Cocorit, founded by the Jesuits priests en 1617. Old adobe houses build in 1800 are still preserved to these days. During Eastern Holidays several festivities are held here and at the Yaqui towns near Cocorit: Potam, Huirivis, Torim, Loma de Bacum, Vicam, Rahún and Belem: they celebrate the Holy Week with a Festivity called Waejma. They eat plenty of wakakabi - a traditional food, drink bacanora, while expert dancers perform the deer, pascola or the coyote and matachines dances.


How to arrive:
Take Federall Highway #15 between Guaymas and Navojoa:
      78 miles south of the Port of Guaymas
      42 miles north of Navojoa.

  Ciudad Obregon's Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit this beautiful city.-






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