29° 04' north - 110° 57' west - Altitude 777 ft.

    Hermosillo, the capital of the State of Sonora, is located 246 miles south of the border with USA.

    It was founded in 1700, alongside the Sonora River, as Santísima Trinidad del Pitic. In 1828 it is named in honor of general José Maria Gonzáles Hermosillo, who fought in the Independence war against the spaniards.  In 1879 it is declared capital of the state.

    A modern urbanization and buildings from last century gives Hermosillo a special touch. Among the most important are the Government Palace in front of Plaza Zaragoza alongside the Asunción cathedral. Its also interesting to visit Carmen and Espiritu Santo churches, the University museum , the Casa de Cultura and the Popular Arts Museum.

    We also suggest you to visit La Sauceda Park, the Ecological Center and the Sonora Museum located at the old city jail.

    35 miles south of Hermosillo you will find La Pintana, an ex shelter of the Seris and Pima Indians, with more than a thousand rupester paintings.

    Well known is the sea side resort of Bahía Kino, just 54 miles from Hermosillo. During the first months of the year whales coming from cold  waters come to the Sea of Cortez to mate and have their cachalotes.The coast line of Bahía Kino offers this unique opportunity to whale watchers and photographers.

    Agriculture and cattle raising are the main activities of Hermosillo.

How to arrive:
Thru International Highway #15, 171 miles south of Nogales or 88 miles north of the Port of Guaymas.
By airplane: HMO International Airport.

 The Chamber of Commerce of Hermosillo invites you to visit this beautiful city.



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