22° 49' latitud norte - 110° 14' longitud  oeste - Altitud: 609 mts snm

Municipio de Aconchi, Sonora, México
Cabecera Municipal: Aconchi
Localidades importantes: La Estancia, San Pablo, El Rodeo
Superficie: 359 km²


 Nestled in an agricultural and livestock area, next to the Sonora River, is this picturesque and peaceful place. It owes its origins to the Mission founded in 1639 by the Jesuit Bartolomé Castaños who placed it under the protection of San Pedro. It was inhabited by the Opata ethnic group and its name Aconchi means "place of great walls".

The region's fauna is rich and abundant: red and black hawks, golden eagles, raccoons, turtles, and white-tailed deer.

Interesting attractions to know are the Franciscan Temple and the Parochial Temple, where the Black Christ is venerated. The hot springs Agua Caliente, with temperatures of 40°C only 5 km away, offer healing and rejuvenating characteristics, they are highly visited. It is a beautiful spa with three hectares of green areas and a waterfall for your recreation, with children's games, grills, toilets and secure parking for your vehicle.- Visit the white quartz cabin and an artificial cave.-

It borders to the north with Huepac, to the east with Cumpas, to the south with Ures and Baviácora, to the west with Rayón and to the northwest with San Felipe de Jesús.

The nearby towns of La Estancia, San Pablo and El Rodeo, worth visiting, have their very special appeal.

Its inhabitants are artisans and make beautiful wooden furniture. On your tour of the region you will be able to purchase strings of red chile, chiltepin and exquisite hot sauces made according to the tradition handed down for years from mothers to daughters.

The Remembrance Caravan in May, the Region's Fiestas in November and the Carpenter's Dance in October are events that are expected and celebrated annually by the locals.


From Hermosillo take way to Ures, Mazocahui, Baviácora hasta Aconchi.
From Cananea, take the escenic road to the Río Sonora, passing thru Bacoachi, Arizpe, Banámichi, Huépac huntil you arrive to Aconchi.






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